By adopting the newest techniques and equipment at manufacturing sewing machines, Ta Chung follows the market's trend and improves the value of our products constantly.

sewing machine manufacturer

Sewing machine for ZIG-ZAG SERIES

Applicable to the sewing skills of elastic materials, sporting items, dunnage and vehicle's interior decoration. One single model satisfies with all requirement is acceptable. And suitable for covering edge of materials.

garment sewing machine

Sewing machine for TWIN Needle SERIES

Applicable to covering seams on jeans and any light material. High speeding rpm and excellent sewing spot are our characteristic.

sewing machines for bags

Sewing machine for COMPOUND FEED

Thread of stitch depends on the shape of shoes and caps. It's easy to switch the working space while operating and complete the product effectively.


Full-line products provided to all clients' requirements. Special specification of components is acceptable. Sitable for heavy and extra heavy materials.