Industrial Sewing Machine

In 1977, we established Ta Chung Industrial Sewing Machine Co., (Ltd) in Taiwan. We are a professional manufacturer of industrial sewing machines. To enlarge the scale of our company, we opened a factory in Ningbo China. We brought from Taiwan, to the new industrial district in China our experience in manufacturing and management. Furthermore, we utilize the advanced skills of NIGATA’s CNC in Japan and Golden Horse painting equipment in Sweden. These facilities make the machine shells perfect and enable us to provide consistency in the sizes and appearance of our products. Some of our specialty products are suitable for work with special materials. Our strict management ensures that there is an international quality standard met for all our products. We have more than 30 years of experience developing new machines. Our new patent machines are popular with clients from around the world due to our reasonable prices and quality machines. It’s been a pleasure to serve our clients and we hope to continue doing so in the future. Our motto at Jumbao is “Sew Your Life”.

Servicing Options

1. We manufacture and sell a variety of sewing machines.
2. Our products may be designed according to client needs.
3. We can assist clients with the purchase of individual machine components.
4. We can manufacture and supply very special components.
5. We produce sewing spots for any type of zigzag machine.


History of Company
  • TA CHUNG Sewing Machine Co.Ltd was established in 1977. Our sewing machines were sold under the NITAKA brand in Taiwan.
  • We cooperated with Japanese factories to create new TC series sewing machines from1978 to 1987.
  • In 1988 we expanded our factory and purchased new equipment in Taichung city to meet the needs of our customers.
  • In 1993, we established Ta Chung (Ningbo) Sewing Machine Company in China using the NITAKA brand to promote our products in the Chinese sewing machine market.
  • During 19942006, we researched new machines to manufacture products such as: suitcases, bags, shoes and the popular zigzag sewing machine. During this time we developed many patents for a variety of sewing machines.
  • In 2007, we replaced the NITAKA brand with the JUMBAO brand and purchased new CNC equipment. During this year, we successfully completed research on TC-1244/46(V,N).

In 2008, we presented out newest sewing machine: The TC-601. The first heavy material sewing machine combined with an electric system and device. Our products are known in over 20 countries, including Holland, Italy, Brazil, and India, among others. Across the world we are known for our quality products and excellent service and are committed to maintaining this standard.